You may have heard that the idea for Pokémon GO came from one of the hackathon winners of Hack the North 2014.

PokéMeh, introduced at Waterloo's own TerribleHack IV and winner of the 'Sponsored by Zynga' and 'Most Pokémon' awards, is the next logical step. PokéMeh aims to be the next 10-million-download app-killer.

Pokémon GO encourages its players to go out and be active, potentially exposing them to the dangers of the outside world. PokéMeh ensures the safety of its players by making sure they stay put. Using the innovative Myo gesture control armband, PokéMeh enforces non-movement by tracking player movements with state-of-the-art movement sensors.

Don't move an inch and keep catching those Slowpokes! This begs the question...

Why catch VAPEoreons when you can just be a Slowpoke?

Watch it in action here:

Investor Information

Don't get left out of the next revolution in movement-based AR gaming! PokéMeh has significant business-potential: it's already set to include pay-to-win features for our players. Sadly, our servers are down right now for some reason, but just give us the money and we'll get to it! Don't believe us? PokéMeh is a winner of the 'Sponsored by Zynga' award at TerribleHacks IV for its disruptive microtransactions potential. Invest now!

(Serious note: PokéMeh really did win the 'Sponsored by Zynga' award! The reps from Zynga loved it and gave me a cool jersey. Thanks Zynga! And thanks TerribleHack organizers!)